Amy Moore provides a review based on real time thoughts during gameplay.

Warning, content may contain spoilers.

“There is a sweet and subtle attention to natural lighting, with frequent shots of sunlight peeping through the trees. It’s almost autumnal.”


With ‘overwhelmingly positive’ reviews on STEAM, I thought I’d download the free-to-play first episode of the 2015 adventure series, Life Is Strange

The statement ‘Life Is Strange’ is certainly true enough. The game gets off to a promising start, but flops within the first five minutes of gameplay. It’s pretty slow-moving and basic, with an almost amateurish time-travel storyline. There’s little depth and originality to it, but I’d say it’s worth persevering.

I expected the standard ‘point-and-click’ format. Instead, Life Is Strange uses a unique, illustrious style, accompanied by soothing acoustic tones that omit a somewhat ‘Indie’ vibe. There is a sweet and subtle attention to natural lighting, with frequent shots of sunlight peeping through the trees. It’s almost autumnal.

It’s sometimes tricky to scan and select with the mouse button, though objects of interest are clearly highlighted.

Like most modern games, you are reminded that your actions have consequences, which are demonstrated through discovering items and spoken dialogue. This can be altered by rewinding time, meaning you can create a near-enough flawless gameplay experience.

Life Is Strange is very dialogue-heavy, which can become a tad tedious at times, yet allows the player to select their approach. I opted for the honest and straight-forward approach.

All in all, it was a good introductory episode.

Episode One – entitled Chrysalis – was intended to be an easy ride. Achievements are unlocked by uncovering hidden Polaroid picture opportunities, which are instantly stored in the lead character’s journal. It’s a neat feature, with the journal providing a reference point for current objectives, whilst documenting prior experiences obtained through gameplay.

Life Is Strange lacked any real challenge and there was little sense of urgency. Unfortunately, Max’s character was disappointingly flat and not at all convincing. For example, she appeared mildly rattled by her new-found ability to rewind time.

Hopefully she’ll break out of her shell a little more in Episode Two.



*All screenshots from personal gameplay.



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