Amy Moore provides a review based on real time thoughts during gameplay.

Warning, content may contain spoilers.


The Walking Dead: Michonne’s catchy theme, complete with a comic book crossover.

The Walking Dead: Michonne bridges the gap between issues #126 and #139 of The Walking Dead comics. I’m only partway through the comics myself, with the Telltale mini-series totalling five hours of simple, yet effective gameplay.

It’s short – with three episodes released throughout 2016 – but serves as a quick fix for those eagerly awaiting the release of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Episodes One and Two were released on December 20, 2016.) Expect heart-pounding zombie flashbacks, a killer soundtrack and unique place settings that bring the Heroine’s story to life.

Each episode is introduced with a brief prelude before launching into a comic-inspired theme; overlayed with the powerful and emotive ‘Gun In My Hand’ by Dorothy. It’s the little touches that give the game such likeability, like the rattle of gunshots over a blank loading screen.

Michonne’s backstory is arguably one of the most credible of all The Walking Dead characters, whereby she portrays a strong, hardened personality, alongside an almost raw ‘superhuman’ physical ability. Throughout gameplay, players are invited to uncover and understand more about Michonne as they are thrown into a post-apocalyptic underworld.

Michonne is plagued by sinister visions of two young girls – her missing daughters Colette and Elodie.

In true Walking Dead style, The Walking Dead: Michonne features some gruesome deaths and has its fair share of pain and torture sequences, in addition to the odd ‘false scare’ that keeps players on their toes. Each are equally as shocking, graphic and disturbing in animaton.

You’ll find yourself fighting “walkers” in the water before boarding the obscure Mobjack ferry, attempt to remove a bullet from someone’s shoulder with a severe lack of medical knowledge, whilst enduring some intensely sinister visions that are reminiscent of The Shining.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Each episode builds up to the final conflict between Michonne and Stormin’ Norma, then gently fades out, allowing the player to reflect on one of Telltale’s most accomplished projects to date.

‘Wolf’ by First Aid Kit eases players through the credits to Episode One.




*All screenshots from personal gameplay.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The third instalment of the popular Telltale games franchise.


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